lab water bathScience is a difficult subject for many to grasp. If you find that your child or children are struggling to understand scientific concepts, chances are you are looking for ways to help them learn what they need to know. If you choose the right Science Lab Equipment, you can make learning science fun and easy. Your kids will be begging for new projects on a regular basis when this is the case. You may quickly find that you cannot keep up with the increasing interest in this wide field. If you struggle with science also, you can learn a great deal with the right Science Lab Equipment. You'll enjoy doing these projects as much as your kids.

Here is a project that you can do at home which will teach your children how things grow. Very little Science Lab Equipment is needed to complete this project and yet your kids will be enthralled. Purchase some sponges, such as sea sponges or cello sponges. If using sea sponges, have your kids view them under a microscope to see what they look like when both wet and dry. If cello sponges are used, teach your kids some geometry while having your kids cut them into shapes.

Soak your sponges in water and then place them in a baggie filled with seeds. You can make use of seeds you have on hand or purchase ones that the kids like. When the sponge is in the bag and the bag has been sealed, roll the sponge in the seeds until it is completely covered. Take the sponge out of the bag and tie a string around it. Hang it is an area that receives a lot of sunlight and walk away. In approximately a week, you will have sprouts coming out of the sponge.

Once the seeds have sprouted, you will need to show your children how to care for a growing plant. Remove the string from the sponge and put the sponge in a pot which has been filled to the halfway point with potting soil. Sprinkle more soil over the sponge and set the pot in a sunny place. Watch it as it grows to a mature plant. Even though very little Science Lab Equipment is needed to complete this project, your child will enjoy the experience and want to do other experiments. The next one you choose may be a lava lamp without light. Kids enjoy completing this one also and learn a great deal in the process.