Lkb Bromma

Lab Equipment Recently Purchased:

LKB Bromma 2088 Ultratome V, LKB BROMMA HPLC SYSTEM 2150 PUMP 2156 SOLVENT CONDITIONER 11300 ULTOGRAD MIXER, LKB BROMMA 2015 PULSAPHOR PLUS CONTROL UNIT 2015 020, LKB BROMMA 11300 ULTROGRAD GRADIENT MIXER, LKB BROMMA 2015 PULSAPHOR CONTROL UNIT 2015 010, LKB BROMMA PHARMACIA BIO TECH ULTROGRAD MIXER DRIVER, LKB BROMMA 2117 FLEXICLAMP FLEXI CLAMP, LKB Bromma 2078 Histo Glass Knife Maker Equipment P N 90 70 0074, LKB Bromma ULTROTOME PYRAMITOME 11800 11802 REPAIR SPARES PARTS NEW NOS 99, LKB BROMMA 2178 KNIFEMAKER II Knife Maker Missing Clamping Head, LKB Bromma 11300 Ultrograd HPLC Gradient Mixer No Power Cord, LKB Bromma 2016 Vacugene Vacuum Blotting Unit,

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